Disciple is a conference for all who believe following Jesus is the way to truly see our lives and our world changed. We therefore believe Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations should be at the center of our communities.


Disciple was first held in January 2015 and has been arranged every year since. We’ve been blessed to see God use the conference to inspire and mold a generation of disciples of Jesus. Disciple is arranged by Petrus församling in cooperation with OPKO.




Have you ever seen a master artist at work restoring a painting or a statue that has been torn down? God is like an amazingly creative artist fashioning the heavens and the earth into his liking. A world full of life, taste, fragrance and sound – all of which he created for us to enjoy. A living and enduring testimony of his goodness towards us – in the midst of a world marked by humanity’s rebellion and brokenness.


Much like the artist working carefully to restore a broken statue, God is at work restoring the world he made. In an act of amazing patience and grace God chose to seek that which was lost and call humanity to once again reflect his glory. As Sons and Daughters of the King we can rejoice in the reality of being his craftsmanship, God’s treasured art pieces that he is gently restoring into what we were always created to be.
As wonderful as this may sound we often fall into the trap of wanting restoration on our own terms. Us telling God what he should do – and how he should do it. Without realizing it we end up building life on our own terms and asking God to bless what we’ve done instead of stepping into what He is doing.
As we’ve prayed over this year we’ve sensed that God is calling us into a restored life. A life centered around who He is, a life free from guilt, shame and bondage. A life filled with the joy he wants us to have and a life filled with his transforming power available for us and the world.
So how do we begin to experience that? We believe that life in God’s kingdom begins as we respond to his call. As we step out of ourselves and our attempts to build life on our own.
Growth in God’s kingdom is quite simple: It is when we lose our lives in order to gain life that we are restored. It is when we say your will be done and not mine that God is able to truly transform us.
We invite you to join us for a weekend of meeting with God and experiencing his transformative call.


Main speaker


Tod McDowell

Tod McDowell


We are pleased to be able to have Tod McDowell join us as this year’s keynote speaker through a digital link.


Tod McDowell was ordained as a pastor in Hawaii at Calvary Community Church in 2002. He served for fifteen years with Youth With A Mission at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii from 1992-2007. He was on the President’s Council with Loren and Darlene Cunningham. In 2007, he became the Executive Director for the ministry Don Finto founded called The Caleb Company. Tod travels around the world teaching in missions and ministry schools, as well as in churches and conferences. He loves the outdoors. Whenever he can Tod enjoys surfing and going to the beach with his family. He’s happily married to his wife Rachel. They are incredibly blessed by their four children: Mandy, Micah, Makaio, and Moses, ages 25 to 17.



I am a beloved son of the King. I walk with God like Enoch as a friend. I am a passionate worship warrior like King David. I am a husband that empowers my wife to create beauty. I am a father that champions my children to run the race marked out for each of them. I honor the Abraham‘s in my life. I raise up and release the Jacob‘s in my life. I run with Isaacs in my life. I am a spiritual father and prophetic messenger called to ignite and equip leaders to bring revival to Israel, the Middle East and the nations through my teaching and my example. My end goal, greatest aim and assured destiny is to be like Jesus.

When and Where

One Conference – Multiple locations


This year is different from every previous year. Instead of gathering in one place we’ll be gathering in many different locations with seven different cities represented. Though we’ll be gathering in different locations we firmly believe that God is using the current worldwide pandemic to multiply that which He is doing and to let the seeds of the Kingdom be thrown wide. We look forward to being able to gather as one family spread out over many locations all over Finland.

Conference sites











In its essence discipleship is about being with Jesus and joining him in what he is doing. We believe that as we hear his words and by his grace put them into practice we are transformed. (Matthew 7:24) As we gather we more than anything else look to be with Jesus, experience His love for us and hear from Him. We therefore create space for prayer, opening up the bible together and worshipping together. We are excited to see what God will do as we gather all over Finland this year – and hope you will join us in praising Him who made it all and is restoring it all!


17:30 Sign-in at local sites
18:00 Start – Meeting at Church
21:00 Ending – After party


09:30 Coffee
10:00 Worship & Teaching
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Story & Conversations
16:00 Dinner break
19:00 Evening meeting


12:00 Lunch
13:30 Final Gathering
15:00 Conference ends


We want as many as possible to be able to participate; therefore we do everything we can to keep the price as low as possible. We are glad to offer the conference at:


Normal Price 38€
(Registration extended to 20.1)


Normal Price 25€
(Registration extended to 20.1)


Though the conference is more online based this year we still have costs to cover when it comes to planning & producing the conference as well as making sure the speakers are financially provided for. We thank you for investing in what God is doing by taking part in covering the costs.


The fee for the conference does not include food & refreshments as those are provided locally by the various sites. The sites might need some help in covering the costs for the food and refreshment they will provide.



Additional info


This conference is for adults in every stage of life wanting to see their world transformed for Jesus. The main teachings will be held in English with subtitles offered in Finnish and Swedish.


As we are meeting around the nation we hope you’ll find a Disci- ple-site near you. Should you need to travel we encourage you to be in touch with your local host and ask for tips.


Children are precious to us! However, as we are meeting in multiple locations we can’t guarantee a program for children in every location. We advise you to be in contact with your local host in re- gards to possibilities to bring children along.