Disciple+ 12.3.21

IF YOU LIKED DISCIPLE21 AND WERE ENCOURAGED BY WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THE WORLD OR WOULD LIKE TO MEET TOD MCDOWELL AGAIN, WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU – WE’RE LAUNCHING SOMETHING BRAND NEW: DISCIPLE+ EVENINGS! On the 12th of March we will have a bonus live-stream together with Tod McDowell. We’ll catch up with what God has been doing since Disciple, Tod will share a message, and we will host an open Zoom-meeting with Tod where we’ll have the opportunity to talk, ask questions and pray together. We hope this evening will continue to inspire you to step into the call that God has for your life! The evening is free and open to everyone on YouTube. If you have a friend that missed out on Disciple, then this is your chance to invite them again. Welcome to Disciple +


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