Friends of Disciple

It is our joy to be able to welcome Kim & Maria Sjögren from Sweden to our conference. Kim and Maria are the founding pastors of One Heart Church in Stockholm. A church that is built around the presence of God, worship, community, a life of mission and a naturally supernatural lifestyle. Their heart is to see the body of Christ equipped, to see followers of Jesus be grounded in Him and activated to move in the gifts of the Spirit! Needless to say we are beyond excited to have them with us!

Anna-Liisa & Pekka Heikkilä

Pekka and Anna-Liisa have through God’s amazing work experienced a big change in their own life and work.
They have for more than 20 years given their life fully to the Father’s service and today they travel around teaching in many churches across dominations.
Their heart is to equip churches and belivers and especially help them to find their calling, grow in their faith and find their own gifts.

They both have a background as specialists in media and communications.

Pekka has worked with TV-production for over 30-years and Anna-Liisa has worked with YLE among others as well as served for Youth with a Mission before getting married.

Sanni Tunturipuro & Miikkapekka Heikkilä

Sanni Tunturipuro & Miikkapekka Heikkilä are a freshly engaged couple and complete lovers of Jesus from Helsinki.

Sanni is a full-time painter and a photographer who loves to see prayer and true devotion for God spread to the nations. She makes prophetic art and has served and led creativity in her community. Miikkapekka is a journalist and a worship leader who wants to see the unity of the spirit form active and Holy Spirit-filled communities. He has lead a christian community house and young-adults meetings for 7 years.