It is our joy to be able to welcome Martin & Irene Cave from IMI Kirken (NO) to our conference. Martin and Irene has led IMI Kirken for 39 years, and this year Martin handed the task onwards. God has done an amazing work in and through IMI Kirken and as a church they strongly value the goodness of God and the presence of God. We look forward to learning from them.

Martin Cave has built up the church from just a small group of people to a church that makes a big impact in Norway, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. His leadership is characterized by a great trust in God, capability and focusing on joining what God is doing.

Irene Cave is an Intensive Care Nurse, but has been working for IMI in over 20 years, and been responsible for intercession, guidance, cell groups and home churches among others. Irene is passionate about people experiencing God’s goodness! She is a woman who gives of herself, invests in others and loves to se people bloom in the gifts God has given them.