Practical info

Who is it for?

» For me?

The conference is aimed at adults in every stage of life wanting to see their world transformed for Jesus. The main teachings will be held in English with interpretation into Finnish and Swedish offered through headphones.

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Who will be speaking?

» Who?

We’re delighted to have Caesar Kalinowski joining us for the conference. Caesar is an experienced speaker and a great coach for missional communities. Caesar was part of the team who launched Soma Communities a network of local churches formed around missional communities, check out:, and speaks from experience as he comes to inspire us to live a life on mission.

During the conference we will move between being gathered at the Church and scattered out in communities – giving us an opportunity to immediately put into practice that which we have heard.

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What’s the cost?

» How much?

We want as many as possible to be able to participate; therefore we do everything we can to keep the price as low as possible. We are glad to offer the conference at 35€ for students and 55€ for adults. The price includes participation, welcome snacks on Friday, lunch and coffee on Saturday, and coffee and a sandwich on Sunday. You may ask your home church if they can sponsor your participation.

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Where and when?

» There and then?

Disciple18 – Grow will take place on 2nd to 4th of February 2018 in Munkkivuori Church and in homes and meeting places throughout Helsinki. The address to the church is: Raumantie 3, 00350 Helsinki. The easiest way to get to Munkkivuori is by bus. Go to and plan your trip! Tip: The church is behind the shopping center (Munkkivuoren ostoskeskus) and you can easily see the church steeple behind the shopping center if you look up after hopping off the bus.

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What about accommodation?

» Sleep?

We have limited possibilities to arrange accommodation for those who need it. If you are travelling from outside Helsinki to the conference we encourage you to ask friends or church family for help.

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Is there childcare arranged?

» Kids?

Childcare will be arranged on Saturday morning during the teaching and on Sunday there’ll be Sunday school for kids during the service. Children are welcome to participate in the life of the family oriented communities during the weekend.

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How can I get engaged before the conference?

» I want to do something!

Tell others about Disciple18. If you have attended the conference before, we encourage you to invite all your friends! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive the latest news. Listen to podcasts and read blogs that expand your thinking about what it means to be the family of God.

We believe that God wants to change people’s lives. You are very welcome to pray for the conference and that we would see God touch our lives during the weekend.

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Where can I register?

Unfortunately you can no longer sign up