Face to Face

The world is longing for meaning. Longing to know why we are here, why we matter, how we should live. We believe God is looking to answer those questions and demonstrate his love for humanity through a people who are marked by knowing Him.
As we look upon the story of the people of God, particularly the Old Testament we see that it is full of stories of people who meet God and are transformed. While all stories are significant, we see that not all encounters with God are of the same intimacy. Some meet him in a dream, a whisper, a pillar of cloud by day and by fire at night. While these meetings are remarkable in themselves, there’s a type of meeting that is reserved only for a few – a meeting face to face with God. A meeting that forever changes those who experience it.
Through Jesus’ victory on the cross all of that changes – what was reserved for only a few is now available to all who trust in him. Jesus restored us back to God – and the invitation stands open to come and experience a life transforming encounter, a meeting face to face with God (2 Cor 16-18).

As we have prayed for the conference this year, we believe God is wanting to raise up a people in Finland & around the world marked by their knowledge of God. We invite you to join us to seek His face and discover the kind of life that carries the presence and power that changes lives and transforms the world